Mid-Fi por Emile Kozak

Mid-Fi por Emile Kozak

Titulo del libro: Mid-Fi

Autor: Emile Kozak

Número de páginas: 240 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 1, 2011

ISBN: 8492643749

Editor: Index Book

Emile Kozak con Mid-Fi

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Mid-Fi takes a extensive look at the recent change in the perception of how a computer can be used in a graphic-design/ illustration process. Our generation of designers, artists and illustrators have all grown up surrounded by computers, and their unlimited options and tricks. Now there seems to be a consensus for using the computer as a tool, instead of as the main instrument for creating graphics and art. Mid-Fi is an exploration of this hybrid crafts-based approach, mixed with modern technology, and the new forms of expression that brings. The selected work in this book, is not necessarily resisting the seduction of new technology, but rather mixing the best of 2 worlds; Low-Fi and Hi-Fi.